Julie Scanlon

Data Manager
Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

Julie Scanlon is a Data Manager at Atlantia Food Clinical Trials. With a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and Health Science and a special interest in technology, Julie started with Atlantia as a Research Assistant in 2017. Having previously gained invaluable experience in the nutritional analysis software industry, she learned the advantages of a cross-discipline approach to combining technology and clinical data, was the key to a more efficient data management process for clinical trials. With training in the newest data protection laws, Julie ensures that GDPR principles are applied throughout trial lifecycles and works closely with Atlantia’s quality team to ensure delivery of timely and accurate data points. Monitoring Key Performance Indicators using a risk-based approach, Julie enables the Quality Manager to release targeted staff training and continuous improvement recommendations to Atlantia’s decision-makers through regular dynamic reporting.


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